Daria Lutskevich is a jewelry artist based in Minsk, Belarus. With a passion for creating unique and contemporary pieces, her artistic journey began in 2012 when she founded her own jewelry brand Label D. Daria's work is distinguished by her expertise in working with bog oak, a rare and captivating material that holds a rich history and unique character.

Through her jewelry, Daria aims to explore the theme of connection between the present and the past. She believes that by incorporating bog oak into her designs, she can create a sense of continuity, bridging the gap between ancient traditions and modern aesthetics.

Daria's designs are a testament to her unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and her desire to create jewelry that tells a story. Each piece is meticulously crafted, combining the beauty of the bog oak with contemporary design elements. By blending historical significance with modern sensibilities, Daria's jewelry becomes a wearable statement of style and history.

2016  BA in Linguistics, Humanities and International Communication - Minsk State Linguistic University (Minsk, Belarus)

2020-2022 Jewelry Studio Artur Manansyan - Private Classes (Minsk, Belarus)

2022  Intensive Jewelry Course - Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School (Florence, Italy)

2023  Private Enameling Intensive Course Svetlana Luzanova (St.Petersburg, Russia)
Associations & Certifications
Belarusian Union of Designers - association member

3Design Beginners Online Course (2021, British Academy of Jewelry)

Rhino Level 1 for Jewelry Training Course (2021, SimplyRhino)

Jewelry Essentials Course (2021,Gemological Institute of America)

Wax Carving Techniques for Jewelry Design - Online (2022, Course by Elsa Tierney)

Diamond essentials (2022,Gemological Institute of America)

Diamonds and Diamond Grading (2023,Gemological Institute of America)
Contemporary Jewelry related engagements:
Nexus Exhibition in Galleria Carlo Lucidi (24th February - 11th May 2024 - Rome, Italy)

Artistar Jewels Milan Jewelry Week (19-22d October 2023 - Milan, Italy)

Artistar Jewels Network Award by Galleria Carlo Lucidi (19-22d October 2023 - Milan, Italy)

AUTOR Contemporary Jewelry Fair (6-7th April 2023 - Bucharest, Romania)

Golden Branch Exhibition in The State Museum of Oriental Art (13th April - 13th July 2022 - Moscow, Russia)

GOODWOOD Exhibition (jewelry, sculpture, graphics) (10th November 2021 – 22th March 2022 Tsaritsyno Museum - Moscow, Russia)

Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition ( 18-28th October 2021 Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology - Beijing China)

GOODWOOD Exhibition (jewelry, sculpture, graphics) (10th September – 24th October 2021 - The Kaliningrad Amber Museum, Kaliningrad, Russia)

GOODWOOD Exhibition (jewelry, sculpture, graphics) (8th February – 8th March 2020 - Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

GOODWOOD Exhibition (jewelry, sculpture, graphics) (October - November 2018 - Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Collectiva Meeting International Jewelry Exhibition (September-October 2018 - Porto, Portugal)

“The Judges Choice” category winner in Innovative Jewelry Contest by Bijorcha & Challangel, (September 2018 - Paris, France)

Sustainability Fashion Show for NYFW First Stage, Sechs Element (September 2017 - NY, USA)

Fashion Installation by LIMITEDMINSK during Belarusian Fashion Week (November 2016 - Minsk, Belarus)

Art Market Poland Exhibition (September 2014 - Warsaw, Poland)